New in 2018 for QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise.

New! Mobile inventory barcode scanning

Mobile barcode scanning1 makes tracking your inventory a whole lot easier. It's portable and can be used anywhere there's an Internet connection2 or with Bluetooth and our mobile app on your Android phone. It speeds up both receiving3 and picking, helps reduce data entry errors, and lets you send sales orders to workers on the floor or another warehouse.


New! Improved sales order management and inventory picking

Now you can prioritize urgent orders and fulfill them across multiple warehouses. Your employees can have more control and see inventory availability right on their mobile device. Plus a faster picking process that works across locations will empower workers and delight customers with faster fulfillment.

New! Make receiving more automated

Gain greater inventory visibility and accuracy with fewer data entry errors. Scan the barcodes of arriving items and your inventory gets updated in QuickBooks automatically.3


New! QuickBooks Priority Circle loyalty program

Priority Circle is a free loyalty program for our most valued customers. As an Enterprise customer, you'll get access to a dedicated Customer Success Manager. They'll work with you to understand your business needs and help you achieve your goals. They'll ensure you have the right products to succeed. They'll connect you to our top U.S.-based customer care agents and onboarding specialists, and provide access to free QuickBooks training.4

New! Multi-monitor support

Increase your productivity by tailoring your monitor setup to your work style. Place your customer list on one screen and create invoices on another. Gain insights from different reports simultaneously across one, two, or even three monitors. You can even open different company files on different monitors.5


New! Inventory reports

Newly customizable inventory reports will help give you the insights you need to make better business decisions. Choose reports for Inventory Valuation Summary, Inventory Stock by Item, and Assembly Shortage.

More features that make Enterprise a great choice for your business.

Control, customize, and automate your pricing right in QuickBooks with Advanced Pricing.6 Just set up price rules and all the calculations are done for you.
Advanced Reporting7 puts the information you need right at your fingertips. Build powerful, customizable reports that are auto-filled with company data. Easy templates for contractor, manufacturing & wholesale, non-profit, and retail let you create reports specifically for your industry.
Enterprise has 6x the capacity of other QuickBooks products, allowing for up to 1 million items, users, and vendors.
Enterprise has editions dedicated to contractor, manufacturing and wholesale, nonprofit, and retail so that you can get specialized features like reports and chart of accounts specifically for your industry.
Grow your business without sacrificing control over user access. Set individual user permissions for every role. Predefined, user role templates are included for fast setup.
Enterprise grows with you, letting you scale from 1 to 30 users who can all work at the same time. But you maintain access and control, assigning user permissions as you see fit for your business.9
Know how your business is doing in one click. The insights dashboard tells the story of your business visually with graphs that zero in on key performance indicators like profit and loss, business growth, net profit margin, income and expenses, and top customers.

Compare the advanced features of QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with other QuickBooks products.

Maximum number of
simultaneous users -

quickbooks enterprise

Available in 1-10 or 30 users

quickbooks premium

Up to 5

quickbooks pro

Up to 3

quickbook for mac

Up to 5

Save time tracking all your financial transactions

Track sales, sales taxes, and customer payments.

Accept credit card payments right in QuickBooks.

Preferred Rates Available

Access to product experts, unlimited technical support, and upgrades

U.S.-Based Experts

Additional cost

Additional cost

Online backup and protection of your QuickBooks data.

Anywhere, anytime, on any device access

Available with QuickBooks Desktop Enterprise with Hosting subscriptions

Invoice multiple customers at once with Batch Invoicing.

Set individual user permissions to control access to sensitive information.

Up to 115 different activities

Create customized financial reports with Intuit Statement Writer.

Accountant Edition only

Track fixed assets such as computers and other office equipment with Fixed Asset Manager.

Accountant Edition only

Work in two company files at the same time.

Expanded list limits allows you to track 100,000+ customers, vendors and inventory items and employees.


Leverage 14 predefined user roles to help you set up new users quickly.

Complete more activities in multi-user mode.

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